Thursday, December 9, 2010

Introducing shell_sink

What is it?

Shell Sink is a web accessible version of your bash history. Commands issued in bash are sent to shell_sink by a simple open source client application. Once a command is in shell_sink you can search, annotate and tag it.

Why use it?

If you've ever wasted time trying to remember a particular command line incantation, shell_sink is for you. It stores commands and makes them easily accessible with searching and tagging. If you work on multiple computers shell_sink can aggregate your history across all machines. System administrators can even use it to aggregate commands issued across an entire organization making them fully searchable. Never lose a command again.

Who should use it?

shell_sink is for anyone with a unix system. Linux, BSD, OSX, Solaris, Playskool. It should be noted that shell_sink is currently under active development.

Getting started:

  1. Login to shell_sink with your google account.
  2. Copy your unique id from the Preferences page.
  3. Install the client application.

Questions, Issues:

The shell_sink google group is the place for questions and discussion. The bug tracker is where to put your feature requests and issues pertaining to the shell_sink website. The client is open source software. Source code can be found here.


eric_nl_1959 said...

Do you live in the future ? Look at the date of your post : Thursday, December 9, 2010 !

mic said...

cool, working on cygwin allright

sree said...

wondering if you interested to make this a commercial product. I got up today morning dreaming of a simillar product which is available as software as service