Sunday, February 8, 2009

Using shellsink with ZSH is easy

You don't have to use bash to use shellsink. Shellsink will work with any shell that supports the following features:
  • Concept of a command that always executes before your command is run
  • Concept of a history file
  • Concept of appending to the history file each time you run a command
Z-Shell is another great shell and when configured correctly it supports all these things. Here is a set of instructions to make shellsink work for zsh.
  1. Grab the sample zshrc
  2. Concatenate that to ~/.zshrc
  3. make a symlink from .bash_history to .zhistory like this:
    ln -s ~/.zhistory ~/.bash_history
  4. Restart your shell

Easy, right? Here is a list of my References:
  • man zshmisc
  • man zsh

1 comment:

Shlomo said...

The step where you make a symlink is a hack. I've filed a bug to fix it.